Writing has been a special part of my life since the first time I held a yellow #2 pencil between my tiny fingers to trace the letters of the alphabet.  As I  discovered those letters could form words and those words would become sentences, I spent joyful hours perfecting a steady flow of written notes.

My handwriting was favored by my teachers and was utilized on the classroom blackboard every day. By the age of ten, I was writing short stories and skits.  By middle teens, I was writing plays, soliciting my siblings for character portrayals.

My writing continues to this present day filled with gratitude as my work comes to fruition on stages with unprecedented bookings of performances, rave reviews, and accolades and in print on the pages of newspapers


My sister Joan’s glorious gem Butterfly broach is the center of my logo to remind me as she did so often that…the Butterfly escapes the cocoon at just the right moment to feel the breeze of its destiny as it flies free at last.

It is from the example of the determination for life in the birth of a Butterfly working to be free from the cocoon that I feel as I witness my words becoming a living entity.

I can say with proud acclamation and confidence:

Writing is my Whirl  (world)

Writing is my Ministry – Jesus is my Mentor.

Writing is the ongoing therapy that sustains me with everlasting

creativity and imagery.

There are several uncompleted works in progress by Hazel Rosetta Smith.



A sudden decision to resign from a starring role in a long running theatrical production leads a famous actress to become a recluse in a house in the woods.



While working late in her office, a company executive has a mysterious encounter with a visitor bearing sad tidings of what will be a discovery of dire straits below the foundation of the office building that is scheduled for demolition.


Miss Cleotha becomes the voice of reason for family and friends in the desperate throes of the pandemic.

TELL-IT! (The Book)


Tell Somebody what God has Done



Motivational Moments from My Point of View

ANGEL GIRL (Children’s Book)


The journey from Heaven to birth on Earth