“Flip Side of the Coin”The Brothers Speak! was written in April of 2014 as a response to a previous production titled “Tell-It, Sing-It, Shout-It” 
The Sisters Speak!
written in 1994.

While continuing to be overjoyed over the unprecedented twenty-five years and still running success of “Tell-It” in which stories by women are highlighted, playwright Hazel Rosetta Smith felt it was long overdue to add a production to her portfolio with a cast of men.  The specialty in the writing and presentation of “Flip Side” is in the seldom heard stories of the personal plight of men told in a manner that is not confrontational or judgmental.

And so, the plot begins.  It is the monthly meeting of the Brother to Brother Ministry of In Your Keeping Unified Tabernacle. The men arrive expecting the usual agenda consisting of church business and upcoming events. They have no idea that this meeting will be like none other.
Great expectations await its commencement.

A folder is brought to the meeting that contains a message from their pastor, the Reverend Dr. Hezekiah Jacob John Morally Sound.  The message unfolds an urgent request clearly stated.

“There are two sides to a coin; there are two sides to every story.  I want the men of the church to tell their story during a special worship service on this coming Sunday.  You shall give God the glory and DO NOT leave anything out.

“Brothers, be strong and be of good courage. Be not ashamed to tell  what God has done for you. Then, sing the songs that I have selected.  Sing brothers with the same passion and conviction of your testimony.”

The pastor’s request which cannot be denied reflects the day when the women stood before the congregation and testified.

It is Time for Men to SPEAK UP!


And So, their Stories Go
The Call ~ A Dead-Beat Dad ~ Spousal Abuse
Interracial Marriage and Incarceration.

Cast: 7 (Includes 2 musicians)Time: 90 minutes No Intermission

Ministers of Music & Musicians

Butch Heyward (Musical Director)
Jeff Bolding (Musical Director)
Kevin Sibley (Keyboard/Organ)
Tyrone Lewis (Drummer)
Eric Johnson, Jr. (Drummer)

Eight Selected Songs

God Is
For Every Mountain
Never Could Have Made It
Center of my Joy
Jesus will Work it Out
The Lord will Make a Way Somehow
Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody

Actors / Character Portrayals

*as Brother #1 *

Jeffrey Bolding

*as Brother #2 *

Lynnard E. Williams
LaFrederick Coaxner
Tyrice Harrell

*as Brother #3 *

N. Rick Anthony Richards

*as Brother #4 *

Edwin G. Robinson
Fred Darden
Carlin Randolph

*as Brother #5 *

Gerald Latham
Carlin Randolph

Performance History

“Flip Side of the Coin” The Brothers Speak! had its premiere performance on August 30, 2014, at The First Baptist of Church of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.  An extensive list of stages and church pulpits include:  Woodland Club of Maplewood, New Jersey, The Gallery of the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Bldg., Harlem; Solid Rock Church, Harlem, Friendship Baptist Church, Bklyn; Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Bklyn; Shiloh Baptist, Bklyn; Agape Church of God, Springfield Gardens, Queens; Pleasant Grove, Bklyn; Immanuel First Spanish United Methodist Church, Bklyn; Concord Baptist, Bklyn; St. Paul Baptist, Harlem; Wayside Baptist, Bklyn; Cornerstone Baptist, Bklyn; Thessalonia Worship Center, Bronx; Abyssinian Baptist, Harlem; Trinity Baptist, Bronx; Calvary & St. Cyprian’s Episcopal, Bklyn; Greater Bright Light Baptist, Bklyn; St. John’s Baptist, Harlem, St. Stephen A.M.E. Church, Harlem; Christ Church, Bronx; New Mount Zion Baptist, Harlem and Antioch Baptist, Harlem.

Archive Photos by Gerald Peart